Et sted utenfor allfarvei

Oace er et sted utenfor allfarvei hvor du kan stoppe på din ferd fra A til B. Ta deg en matbit før du drar videre til ditt endelige mål, eller du kan bli for ro og en god natt søvn.


Renie and Celina warmly welcome you to Oace. We are a mother and daughter duo who traveled from Bergen and fell in love with Finnmark, deciding to stay in Ifjord permanently.

We love both people and animals, so both two-legged and four-legged guests are welcome to visit us!

Celina & Renie

At our place, you will come to a location full of surprises. A place where you can forget about time in a good way, and maybe end up staying longer than planned. We are here to challenge your senses and perhaps even surprise you.


Ifjord is a small village in the municipality of Lebesby, with only 29 inhabitants as of January 1, 2017. But even though Ifjord is a small place, it is an important transportation hub connecting the east, west, and north.

The history behind OACE

20 000 years ago Ifjord was completely covered in ice, inhabitable for humans and animals. As the ice gradualy melted, a green and lush landscape emerged in the midst of the barren tundra and the rugged Arctic Ocean, forming an Arctic oasis. Today, this place is called Ifjord, a small charming village far off the beaten path. Here, you will find a rich plant life, green hills, a beautiful river meandering through the village on its way to the fjord, and most importantly, hospitable and warm people.

We are an Arctic oasis where the lush and warm meets the barren and cold. We are a warm place to eat and rest for our guests who are on a journey. No matter how the weather is outside, there is always warmth and joy to be found inside OACE.